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        Let me introduce myself: I am Linda C. Steer Isvara, and have been a songwriter and singer and guitarist since 1971, although I was singing since I was aged two, according to my mother; and in latter years, I have added some attributes of keyboard, bass, a little violin, and a fair smattering of studio techniques, including Cubase, and sampling, which I usually use for bits of myself doing things rather than for bits of other people doing things; it's nicer that way.

        My music project is entitled ANTAKARANA, a word which I believe comes from Sanskrit, and means "The connection between the god-goddess world and the human-world", to be thought of in terms of frequencies of vibration such as thought, light or sound; hence my website name, Harmonious Vibration. I have released two CDs: Antakarana, and Will To The Spirit. Both are available for purchase on BandCamp, or send me an email if you are interested. They include songs I've written, sung, and played and recorded from 1987 to the present. Where other people playing, they are credited, except for one saxophonist and one drummer whose names I don't remember, although I'll add them to the credits if they contact me. (Send e-mail to:  )

        I'll mention some other recordings I've made over the years, although they're not currently available -- much of the music is done by myself, either with computer or 4-track or on acoustic guitar and voice only. Band things and festival sessions (some are both) abound, it's a matter of finding representative stuff from different years. The album called LAUDE SERVICE has some retrospective stuff from the early 1970's through to the present. (On this album there are three songs co-produced by George Stewart of Kissing The Pink (later known as KTP), with J. Owen Williams on second and third guitars, and Mark Kendrick on bass.) The album ENTELECHY has more emphasis on the newer stuff about consciousness. However, be aware that the recording techniques on the second one are not ace since I don't have the old studio to use now. There's a third album, concentrating on acoustic material, called ADVERT:I:SING, and a compilation album of mostly live festival gig sessions from the 1980's called RAINBOW BRIDGE. This one includes material I played with the bands I started: PSYLENS, in 1981 to '83, THELEMA EUTHUS PNEUMA (Will to the Spirit) in 1983,THE RAINBOW BRIDGE in 1984, and ANTAKARANA in 1985 through 1988.

        These bands mostly had the same members, with only the name changing. The 1982 through '86 lineup was me (Linda Steer) on guitar and singing and writing the songs, and arranging them where necessary; Mark Huxley on drums, and "Cosmic" Andy on bass. In 1988 the band was revived with Marcus Cole as second guitarist, Johnny _____ on bass, and Steve _____on drums. I split that up when first Marcus and then Steve got violent. There have also been happy sessions with Bliz Costa on guitar and Karen Green on bass, one with oddments of Ozric Tentacles including Ed Wynne and Roly Wynne, and an all-nighter on the Pyramid stage at the full moon at Greenham Common in summer 1982 with Nik Turner joining in on saxophone, and also with the aforesaid unknown drummer, whom I photographed next to Nik's original pyramid stage the morning afterwards, when none of us had had any sleep yet, and the fence to the nuclear base had been cut for the first time, following my belting out an extempore (i.e. written on the spot) peace ballad,"Break Down the Walls", which, I have heard, later got copied. The Wystic Mankers did a cassette in 1982, and check out the first track, which has me singing and Nik Turner on saxophone. Rory Cargill plays guitar on a New Year's session Mark and I hosted in Hackney in 1982/3, and "Little" Dave of punk fame is on a tape or two from around that time,perhaps a year later. I had a collaboration with "Psi" Steve Nadler, from 1981 off and on. so he's on some music.

        I hope you like the festival photos, from 1981 onward, and photos of Ecovillage in Wandsworth, 1996. All photos and website content are copyright 1999-2015, Linda C. Steer. Please credit me, Linda Steer, as the photographer if you wish to download any photographs, and e-mail me to say you're doing so, with your web address, thanks.

        I hope some of this is of interest. Be happy if you can, be conscious even when you're asleep or somebody might try to do that for you. Not me! I'm one of the good guys. See you there.